My studio philosophy is to foster a lifelong love of music and improvement in skills in a supportive and encouraging environment, no matter the student's skill level or future musical plans.


I teach clarinet and bass clarinet lessons from beginner on up (4th grade to adult) in the Crystal Lake, Illinois area (McHenry County). I have a Bachelor of Music in theory and composition from Ohio State University (1997) and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2005). I work as a librarian for a public library.

Some features of my studio:

  • The first lesson is free. This is a chance to see if we want to work together.
  • I strive to attend as many of my students' concerts as possible.
  • I am reliable. I rarely cancel lessons, and then only for emergencies.
  • I am flexible. While weekly lessons are typical, I also have students with other schedules.

My rate is $20 for a 30-minute lesson; $35 for a full hour. I typically give weekly lessons, but can work with other schedules. Please feel free to contact me at bclplyr AT gmail DOT com (Sadly, due to spam, I've had to remove the contact form from this site. Please substitute @ and . where necessary)

Sheet Music Plus is a good source for finding sheet music. I am a member of their affiliate program.

Click here for Clarinet Sheet Music (and more!)

Sheet Music Plus Homepage


Explore your "inner classical" at Tonal Diversions, my music appreciation blog

I have some sheet music on Sheet Music Plus, including clarinet arrangements of Bach's music and pieces for clarinet choir.

I am active in the following local music groups:

  • Crystal Lake Community Band (bass clarinet)
  • Woodstock City Band (bass clarinet)
  • The Perfect Fifth Woodwind Quintet (Bb clarinet)
  • Clarinet Quartet (Bb and bass clarinet)
  • Knock on Wood Clarinet Choir (clarinets of various size)